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Zechariah and Chaya Miriam Steiner

(Moved to Memphis in 2015 )


Where did each of you grow up?

Zechariah grew up in Lawrence, NY and  Chaya Miriam grew up in Brooklyn, NY


Where did you live as a couple before Memphis?

Brooklyn, NY


Why did you leave that community?

We wanted to live in a smaller Jewish community and a lower cost of living.


What attracted you to Memphis?

The very close knit, family oriented community and a better quality of life


What clinched your decision to move here?

Our first visit for Shabbos. We immediately fell in love with the community. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. Also,  Zechariah getting offered a position in Shelby County Schools.


What do you do professionally?

We are both teachers.

How old are your children and where do they go to school?

10, 8  and 4. They all go to Margolin Hebrew Academy.

What do you like best about Memphis and/or what makes it different or better than other places that you have lived?

We love that Memphis has an active Jewish community life that engages members of all ages. There are always programs and events geared towards bringing families together.


How do you manage being far away from family? A lot of phone calls. We also visit both of our families twice a year


Where are your favorite places to go in Memphis with or without your kids? The places are too long to list, but we will try to narrow it down. Pyramid, Harbor Town,

Shelby Farms, Overton Park, and the free Zoo on Tuesday afternoons. We always tried to see the Peabody ducks but we always manage to miss them.  

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