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Ari and Molly Hagler

(Moved to Memphis in Summer 2017)

Where did each of you grow up?

Ari grew up in Teaneck, NJ. Molly grew up in Memphis.


Where did you live as a couple before Memphis?

Washington Heights, NYC


Why did you leave that community?

We were living there while Ari was in YU and then it was a convenient place to live while we were both working in New York City. However, we were looking to move to a place with more of a community.

Molly applied to medical schools around the country, so we knew it was likely we were going to be moving somewhere, but it was unclear where at first.


What attracted you to Memphis?

Molly got into the medical school here and loved the program. She also knew the community from growing up (though there were so many new faces when we moved back), and loved how warm and friendly it is.

What clinched your decision to move here?

Molly loving the medical school here the most out of the ones she was accepted to.


What do you do professionally?

Molly is in medical school at University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center.

Ari is an IT Systems Analyst at Sedgwick.

What do you like best about Memphis and/or what makes it different or better than other places that you have lived?

The affordability is amazing. Almost none of our friends outside of Memphis and in our stage of life were able to buy their own home and have two cars. One of Ari’s favorite parts of living here is how his commute is only 4 minutes (8 minutes if there is traffic) as opposed to the over 45 minutes it used to take him to get to work in New York. We also love how relaxed everything is, Ari describes living here as if being constantly on vacation.


How do you manage being far away from family?

Molly’s family lives in Memphis. We speak to Aris family every week on the phone or via FaceTime.


Where are your favorite places to go in Memphis? 

There are always so many events going on- whether at the shuls, the schools, the JCC, there is always somewhere to go or something to see.

We also love Dave and Busters,  going to the Orpheum, and the seasonal activities at the Agricenter and Shelby Farms.

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