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Jason and Michal Caplan

(Moved to Memphis in Summer 2016)

Where did each of you grow up?   

Richmond, VA - Jason

Vancouver, Canada and LA -- Michal

Where did you live as a couple before Memphis?

Brooklyn, NY and Richmond, VA

Why did you leave that community?  

Jason received a job offer in Memphis in financial planning within hospitals and universities

What attracted you to Memphis?  

Jason knew a couple of friends from NYC who moved to Memphis, and they said they really enjoyed the community and city, and suggested we visit.

What clinched your decision to move here?   

Jason’s talk with the new company during interviews and our incredible Shabbat experience clinched our decision.


What do you do professionally?  

Jason in a financial advisor and Michal is a social worker

How old are your children and where do they go to school?

Ariella is 6 and Devora is 4 - both attend the Margolin Hebrew Academy

What do you like best about Memphis and/or what makes it different or better than other places that you have lived?   

We love the Jewish community, very diverse and vibrant.   We love the city's music scene, the botanical gardens, the zoo, and Shelby Farms.

How do you manage being far away from family?  

It is challenging!  But both of our parents visit frequently.  


Where are your favorite places to go in Memphis with or without your kids? 

Our favorite place is the Zoo for the family and as a couple we like to go out to the Orpheum.

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